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Teaching “Music Supervision for Film & Television” class at UCLA

April 11, 2012

I am proud to announce that I am teaching “Music Supervision for Film & Television” at UCLA this spring quarter.

It is an honor to be asked to teach again.

(I taught the same class last spring.)

I had the most amazing speakers last year from major record labels, publishers, music supervisors, film studios and TV networks and look forward to this year’s wonderful class.

(Please feel free to forward this email to any artists you may know – Thanks!)

Jennifer Yeko
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What does True Talent Management do?

March 9, 2010

It occurred to me that you may or may not know all about True Talent and what we do here – artist management, music marketing, film/tv promotion, radio promotion, indie record label, music publishing company, music publicity and music consulting.

So here’s a brief history.

I started out in artist management in 1998. Artist management meaning the management of singers and bands. My early days as a manager consisted of many countless hours spent at Borders reading every book and magazine I could about the music business. Career highlights include having my band perform and be intereviewed live on KCRW and perform in front of 10,000 people alongside Lifehouse and watching hundreds of girls line up after their show to meet them. It’s also definitely a trip to look out from stage onto a crowd as far as the eye can see. Oh yeah, and hearing your band for the first time on mainstream radio on a Clear Channel station as you drive to a show is a huge, huge thrill as is having major labels fly their A&R guys to your band’s home town to see them showcase. When I started managing, I had one singer/songwriter on board, then a band, then another and another. At my peak I had 4 bands and artists and let me tell you it was fun but a LOT of work. Luckily, when one band was doing shows, another would be in the studio so I somehow managed to juggle them all. While management is where I got my start, I’ve evolved my business over the years into other areas. I haven’t signed a new management client in a while but that appears to be changing as I found a singer recently who has blown me away. So stay tuned for details on him.

Around 2001/early 2002 (so 8-9 years ago) I started pitching and promoting songs to film/tv. I was doing this LONG, LONG, LONG before it became the “new radio” or the way to break artists. My relationships go back 8-9 years so I kind of laugh when I hear that every music publicist, manager and fly by night company under the sun is trying to dip their toe into this field. This is what I do, and what I do best. Over the years, I’ve been approached by countless big wigs because of my deep connections in this world. However, I’ve found many of them to be extremely cheap (the biggest people in the business want you to work for free or almost no money – no thank you. Your companies have made millions of dollars and indie artists can hire me – so should you!), unethical or at the very least, disorganized. Like I would go work for a company that interviews me one day and only weeks later decides to put the job “on hold”. Thank you I’m very happy being independent, although exploring new opportunities is always exciting. I’ve been wined and dined and picked up in fancy cars and taken to the finest restaurant in LA so that part of it is definitely fun.

As I got deeper and deeper into the film/tv world, I also got heavily involved in promoting music for advertising and video games. In fact, the last video game compilation CD I did was so well received I was told there’s a good chance one of the songs I pitched will end up in a major video game! And I’m currently looking for more songs for video games in the hard rock, hip hop, electronica, even classical songs – just any songs that would work well for a driving, fast paced video game.

Most recently I’ve launched a radio promotion business and my hands are INCREDIBLY busy working numerous projects right now to radio. I’m so thrilled to have found some incredibly talented artists out there. I’m not going after Clear Channel type stations but mainly college radio and non-commercial/public radio stations around the country that love singer/songwriters and NPR type artists.

Early in 2009 I started an indie record label and indie publishing company. I only have one artist signed right now and my focus is pitching her songs 24/7 to various film and TV opportunities. We had serious interest from “New Moon” and a lot of others are fans of the music including MTV so that’s been a thrill. Running an indie label is incredibly fun but also a lot of hard work (not to mention expensive). The competition is fierce so I look for the best talent out there that works harder than I do (a hard feat to accomplish). Signing an artist is a bit like putting money on a roulette wheel. It’s very risky and you never know if you’re going to lose it all or win big but you have to take chances in life if you want to succeed, right?? Oh, and work your tail off!

I do some music publicity. You know, pitching bands and singers to magazines, newspapers, online blogs, looking for CD reviews, etc. As a manager I’ve developed all sorts of relationships, especially in the Los Angeles and northern California markets and my press list is ever expanding as new clients come to the fold. I’ve been written up in Billboard and the New York Times and Music Connection and clients have been featured everywhere from local newspapers to Music Connection.

And lastly, I do consulting. Artists have hired me to consult on everything from how to pitch themselves effectively to radio to how to book shows to how to get the attention of a major label. Consulting is definitely one of the most fun things I do because every question is different, challenging and it really feels good to be doing something to help artists. Normally, I’ve only done phone consulting because so many of you are around the country — but going forward I might take some in person consulting gigs for artists in the Los Angeles area.

And yes, it’s a lot. But these days, you have to be small, fast and nimble and make changes to your business in order to survive and thrive.

So, there you have it!!!

Jennifer Yeko
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