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Challenge Yourself and CHANGE SOMETHING In 2018 (Yes, this relates to music)

December 27, 2017


How old is your iPhone? A year? Two at most? I’m guessing it’s not 10 years old, right?

My web site was only a few years old…but it was so outdated, it didn’t even work well on mobile. So I updated it!

Technology moves at such a rapid pace these days. Even a site that’s a year old can be considered “old” or out of date.

Have you been doing things the same way for a long time?

If so, it’s time for a change!


Always write songs alone? Why not collaborate?

Always co-write? Why not take a stab at a few songs on your own?

Always spend your time in the studio? Get out there and play more gigs!

Tired of living on the road and not having time to record? Take a break and get back in the studio!

Always write songs in the same style? The same keys? Change it!

Always promote your own music? Hire someone to help for a change!

Always using the same producer? Or producing songs yourself? Try someone new!

Expecting your music to find an audience without any promotion? Try promoting more on social media. Making more YouTube videos. Promoting them!

My point is – mix it up! Do something different! Do the opposite! It worked for George on “Seinfeld”:

My point is – if you don’t make a change….if you keep doing the same thing, you are likely going to get stuck in a rut.

I saw “The Greatest Showman” and in the movie (which I highly recommend BTW) was an amazing quote, “Comfort is the enemy of progress.” That line really hit home with me.

I see so many artists writing the same songs in the same style year after year and not getting anywhere.


The one quote you hear a thousand times a day when you live in Los Angeles and work in the music business is, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” Some say Albert Einstein said this. But in any case, no matter who said it, the point is that change is good. You need to evolve if you’re going to grow and achieve great things.

Maybe that starts small. Buy a new guitar. But better yet, learn a new instrument. Always write songs in the living room? Try writing in a cafe or outside.


Change a lot of things!

Progress only happens when you get out of your comfort zone!

Vow to make some changes in 2018 and let me know what happens!


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