What’s Been The Most Successful Way To Promote Your Music?

May 9, 2017

I write a lot of articles based on my 20 years of experience in the music industry.

However, this time, I want to turn it around to YOU!

Please post on my blog and tell me what the most effective thing you’ve done to promote your music career has been!

Has it been:

1) Live shows?
2) Posting a lot on social media? (If so, what’s been the best? Facebook? Instagram? Snapchat?)

3) Buying ads on Facebook?
4) SEO?

5) Posting videos on Youtube?
6) Posting covers on YouTube?
7) Getting press?
8) Getting on the radio somehow?

9) Emailing your fans / your web site?
10) Something else?

Please post and let me know! https://truetalentmgmt.wordpress.com/

(Or, you can just hit “reply” to this email)


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Getting music in film/tv is one of the best ways to get exposure for music from indie / unsigned bands.


One comment

  1. For me I would have to say, networking face to face with people. I don’t have a large following on the internet but all across the country I have fans that have become extended family. I have been blessed to make music with people I respect on a level past music and build a different following then mainstream artist.
    I’m sure I could build a large following online simply by reaching out to the people I know that love “me” first of all and my music second, and I more than likely will. But knowing I have fans that truly listen to what I say and understand what I mean on records and where I come from means the world to me.
    So I think the best promotion for me has been not promoting my music but more so my values and my love for people and making true friends that honestly want to see me succeed. So when I put together a serious well organized campaign I will have real support from all over.

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