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Comments re: Paying for your music career

August 24, 2016


I thought this email would be inspiring to you!

Mike Posner just emailed me back and wrote, “Love this” 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


Hey Jennifer.  It finally hit home for me what commitment means over the past better part of a year.

*Rather than hope for a wealthy benefactor, I committed to taking on many many extra private music students to pay off loans and save for both practical needs (like a car) and career investment (like a recording project).  Plus I’m learning through teaching.

*Rather than whine about playing covers, I committed to playing as many cover gigs as I could get. I’m getting loads of ideas for my originals.  Plus I just played a venue this week I never dreamed I’d be playing 6 months ago, where I’ve seen some of my fave famous artists play!

*Rather than whine about having to do the business, I’m learning it.  The raw unglamorous stuff.

*Rather than play in the snow all day, I worked on booking gigs all day.  Cut and paste are your friends.

*Rather than not pay attention, I’m paying attention to what I put in my body and invest in my business in terms of time and money.

*Rather than settle for less, I’m striving for more:  I could stop here, but what if I…???

The ironic thing is that all this hard work doesn’t feel as bad as I thought.  I’m making a lot more money, getting a lot more gigs, networking a lot more contacts and I feel like I’m on the road to somewhere really great.

Plus the teaching and performing and relationships forged through it all are very rewarding.

Making the best of where you are really is the way to go.  Sure, I still make mistakes, even stupid ones, but the momentum is with me.  Often you just have to make an executive decision and just do it rather than wait for the perfect moment!

Thanks for continuing to kick us artists in the arse!  K

—– Original Message —–

Here is a great article about ways to pay for your music career:

Too often I hear artists complain and whine that they are “broke”.

Well you know what?

Most successful artists came from nothing.


Literally they were dirt poor!

Even pop stars like Britney Spears.

That “being poor” drove them to be successful because they worked their A$$ off.

Sure, there are lots of rock stars like Jon Bon Jovi who came from relatively well to do families growing up.

But many artists came from nothing.

So you can either complain and whine that you’re broke – and do NOTHING about it.  I guarantee you’ll get nowhere in life with that attitude.

Or, you can get off your tail, work your butt off and become hugely successful in life.

What’s it gonna be?


Or success?

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