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Insert the word “CD” for “script” – “I will not read your ducking” script”

August 29, 2015

I love you.

I really do.

But…does this sound like you?

Because I get DOZENS of emails a day, sometimes hundreds in a week or month – asking me to just “check out this song” and “tell me what you think”.

Read this article….but replace the word “CD” or “mp3” for the word “screenplay” or “script.”

The reality is, superstars hire a publicist and pay them.

Everyone these days seems to be asking, if not demanding, everyone work for them for free.

But if you want to be successful…you gotta put your money where your mouth is!


“You are not owed a read from a professional, even if you think you have an in, and even if you think it’s not a huge imposition. It’s not your choice to make. This needs to be clear–when you ask a professional for their take on your material, you’re not just asking them to take an hour or two out of their life, you’re asking them to give you–gratis–the acquired knowledge, insight, and skill of years of work. It is no different than asking your friend the house painter to paint your living room during his off hours.” -Josh Olson

Now listen….I realize listening to 10 seconds of a song is a lot easier than reading 10 or 120 pages of a script…but it’s really the same concept. It’s taken me 17 years of working in this business to know what makes a song bad, good or GREAT…and even longer to recognize the difference between a talented artist…and a DRIVEN one.

Sadly, there are literally MILLIONS of musicians all around the world who would love an opinion on their song…for free…but really, the answer is NO.

Unless your email shows me something that will make me think you are AMAZING – say, over 10,000 facebook fans or more than 100,000 YouTube videos.

No hand outs.


Note: If you need help placing your songs in film/tv, hire us! It’s a relationship business – and with 15+ years of film/tv relationships, we’re really your best bet for getting your music heard by the right people!

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