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Music Licensing Advice from Music Supervisor for “True Blood” “Dexter” “Entourage”

January 26, 2015

Artists always ask me for advice about pitching and placing their music.

I’ve been doing this for 14 years (since 2001) so I know a thing or two…..

I’m always honest and tell them how competitive it is….

The key is – you HAVE be willing to write songs, an EP or even full length album JUST for licensing if the music you make on a daily basis isn’t a fit for film/tv.

Each show, film, ad, video game, trailer has a VERY specific sound or type of music they need so if you’re making songs that are say, like pizza but they need ice cream…you gotta learn how to make ice cream…

Artists always say, “I see your listings….but I don’t have anything like that.”

You don’t get it!

If you don’t have it, MAKE it!

Now I’m not saying to make death metal if you’re a singer/songwriter…but if you see listings that are at ALL in your creative wheelhouse, you have to TRY doing something different! That is, if you want to ever license a song….because when a supervisor like Gary is working on a show and has ONE slot to fill, and he can choose from EVERY major label artist in the world, you have to bring something to the table that he can’t get from someone else!

Don’t believe me?

Here is more from the horse’s mouth!



Gary Calamar, freelance music supervisor, is, without a doubt, a force to be reckoned with! Extremely popular television series like True Blood, House, Weeds, Dexter, and Entourage are just a few of the impressive credits to his name; he also works on documentaries, theatrical films, ads, and trailers.

Amongst his many other talents, Gary is also a musician! So if you’ve read through this piece thinking “yeah, yeah, this guy is just another industry rep who doesn’t truly understand me and my creative process,” think again! His most recent accomplishment, “You Are What You Listen To” was released on Atlantic Records and is getting some great press and airplay. Now, Gary is experiencing the industry from the other side of the tracks. This is great news for musicians because (although you may now be competing for licensing slots!), Gary will see the world from your eyes and will work even harder to place the most deserving tracks in his productions.

Your job? Make great music! Do your homework and pitch appropriate music to supervisors. Placing your songs in a production is tough. It’s a moving target. There are lots of talented musicians out there and limited slots to fill. In addition to trying to get your music placed, work on your live show, publicity and radio play.

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