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Happy Near Year! And a Question!

January 7, 2014

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope your 2014 is starting off on a great note!

As you know, I write hundreds of helpful advice emails and blog posts to help you with your music career.

However, I want to start off this new year with a question:


I’m a music business veteran with over 15 years of experience under my belt and I’m curious…with everything going on right now with the changes in the economy and in the music business – what has changed for you?

What do YOU need help with?

I’ve offered many services over the years.

First, as a manager.

Then as a film/tv licensing expert.

Now as a publicist.

But I want to know, going forward, how are things going with your career?

What is going well?

What is challenging?

What do you need help with?

Please reply to me directly and also post your responses to my blog –

I look foward to hearing from you!

(Please feel free to forward this email and this email alone to members of your band or other artists you know. But please do not post it on a web site or blog without asking permission from the author. Thanks!)

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