What’s your attitude? Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Believe it or not, that determines your success! Also, can you answer these 3 basic questions?

September 12, 2013

What’s your attitude?

In life?

And about your music?


I truly believe your success is determined by how positive (or negative) a person you are.

Most artists I observe become successful because they have an amazing work ethic and great music – of course!

But mainly because they have a positive attitude!

This PR campaign didn’t work? Maybe I should write another amazing album and promote that one because it may get a better reaction.

Maybe this concert didn’t get a huge turnout. But it’s ok. I’ll work hard and promote the next gig twice as hard and it will be a success!

I see successful artists become successful because they try and try and try. And they aren’t put off by things not going their way. They keep persevering and going again and again and again until they succeed!

Artists like Katy Perry and Alicia Keyes and Robin Thicke and many others whose first (or second) or even third record deals didn’t pan out. They reinvented their sounds and image and everything.

Try something new! And remember – always keep a positive attitude!


Also, do you know the 3 answers to these music questions?


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