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What do you and Patrick Dempsey have in common??

April 5, 2013

Other than that you both have big, pearly whites, curly hair and are extremely good-looking?

I kid, I kid, but we have to keep these emails fun and entertaining to read, right?
I once read that Patrick Dempsey went FIVE YEARS without getting any work.
Let me repeat that in case it didn’t sink in.
HE WENT FIVE FRICKING YEARS WITHOUT WORKING!!!!¬† And he’d already had pretty good success in the 1980s.¬† He wasn’t some newbie actor who just moved to town and hadn’t landed an agent or audition yet.
Can you imagine going FIVE YEARS without a part or a job or a gig?
Of course, I’m sure he had some money saved up from his career in the 80s but most actors, most people, would give up after FIVE YEARS.
Heck, most people I’ve seen give up after a year or two at most.
I have friends that have been out of work for two years and I always say, if you can’t find a job after THAT long, you need to move on and find something else.
However, not Dempsey.
And then he landed his huge come-back role on “Grey’s Anatomy,” and got leads in many feature films.
How long would you keep going at your music career if no label was interested in you?
If you couldn’t book a gig?
If you couldn’t sell or license a song?
Of course, you may not have money saved up from your acting career in the 80s to hold you over.
But I don’t care who you are.
If you go 5 YEARS as an actor without booking ONE THING, most people would give up.
It just goes to show you.
Successful people in the arts¬†don’t get discouraged.
Successful people¬†don’t give up.
Successful people believe in themselves enough to keep going.  Even when times are tough.  Very tough.  Even when no one wants them.
Because you know what?¬† Eventually, if you’re good, people will come around.
I’m sure McDreamy would concur.
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