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Are you as nice as John Mayer?

June 19, 2012

I recently had the opportunity to meet one of my favorite singers in the whole world: John Mayer.

And yes, despite all the terrible things he said about women and a lot of my favorite female singers and stars, you know what?

He was one of the NICEST, most humble and down to earth people I’ve ever met.

Yes, John Mayer – Grammy darling, radio darling, huge superstar artist.

Of course, I was lucky enough to be invited to a private listening party for his album a few months ago so the crowd at the meet and greet was all industry, not the general public.

I ended up taking photos of a lot of people with John and he would comment, “Oh, I didn’t see the flash on the phone go off. Maybe you should take that photo again.”

He was so thoughtful and concerned that a fan’s photo wouldn’t turn out without the flash!!!!

I told him how I remember buying his first CD “Room for Squares” at Tower on Sunset. He commented that, “And what is that now, a clothing store or something?” I talked to him about being from Connecticut and I know he really talked to some fellow Berklee alums for a good chunk of time about the school and such.

John Mayer was SO NICE!

And I’ve heard this from fans that have met him in hotel bars and just out and about. So I don’t think he was putting on his “nice” face just for us industry folks.

Which made me think about some things.

I’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of indie artists and bands at small shows in Los Angeles and rarely have of them been as kind and down to earth and friendly as John frickin’ Mayer.

I know there’s some ego involved in being a performer.

But if John Mayer can chat it up with people and be super nice to every single one of us industry folks, even many that are fans, then YOU TOO can be as sweet as pie to everyone you meet after one of your shows. (And yes, this includes being nice to the bartender and sound guy and booker!)

Successful people – those artists at the tippy top have gotten there by their hard work and talent, no doubt, but you have to realize they also go there by being nice to people.

So the next time you meet anyone before or after your next gig, be super humble and nice to them.

Maybe one day you’ll be as big as John Mayer.

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