How important is it that your manager is “famous?”

March 13, 2012

There are only a handful of “famous” managers – like Guy Oseary (who manages Madonna) or Paul McGuinness (who manages U2) or Irving Azoff who famously managed the Eagles as well as many other superstars (Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey), mainly AFTER they were already famous.

But have you ever hear of Jewel’s manager? Or Jessica Simpson’s manager? Or Debbie Gibson’s manager? All of those artists have sold millions of CDs or make millions of dollars.

Never heard of their managers? Oh, that’s because they were managed by their mom or dad. (Ok, well, Joe Simpson is famous but not in a good way so let’s not go there…)

Many artists have sold millions and millions of CDs without a “famous” manager.

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are also managed by their parents – or are at least co-managed by their parents.

Did you ever hear of Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun before he managed Justin?


My friend manages Mandy Moore and has since she was a teenager. She’s stuck with him all these years and he helped translate her music career into a successful acting career.

My point is, you don’t need a superstar manager or “name” to manage you.

But what you DO need is a manager who is honest. Someone you can trust. Someone who won’t steal from you. You probably have heard the famous story about Billy Joel’s manager who stole millions from him, right? And he was his brother-in-law! Billy then had to sue him for $90 million. I’m not sure how much was actually stolen from him but it was a LOT of money.

I will never promise something unless I think I can deliver. Most managers and people in the entertainment business will promise everything and deliver nothing.

Successful artists I’ve met make good decisions about their team and quickly.

Unsuccessful artists I’ve met hem and haw and can’t make up their mind…then they ultimately make a poor choice, like someone that lies to them and promises them the world.

Which one are you?

A successful manager I know has been in the management business for 20 years. She points out that the most successful artists are the ones that stick with the same manager for their careers. Because they have a team and someone who will look out for them through thick and thin, when they are making lots of money and when their album tanks. She points out that managers know when you’ve been through 5-10 managers. A manager will rep you for the money but knows you won’t be there in the long-term so they never give you their all.

Something to think about….

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