What’s the difference between Mariah Carey and me?

January 4, 2012

Well, for starters, I didn’t just have twins, I’m not married to Nick Cannon and I don’t have $100 million in my bank account….but we’ll get to that a bit later….ha!


What’s the difference between being “good” and being “great?”

That’s a good question.

I’ve always believed there is one’s natural ability…and then the effort one puts into something.

Let’s take Mariah Carey as an example. She was one of my favorite singers growing up.

She has an amazing voice and range, right?

I assume she was just born with that…

However, a lot of success in life isn’t about being born with a specific talent, like an amazing voice or eight octave range.

It’s about the effort you put into IMPROVING what you have.


Now, I may take a million singing lessons and still never have near the voice of an opera singer or Mariah Carey.

But there is a lot I do have control over.

If I were a songwriter, for example, I could control the quality of the songs I write.

And so can you.


Let’s take my teacher friend as an example.

Remember school?

I know it was a long time ago for many of you…and not so long ago for others of you (maybe some of you reading this are even still in school).

Anyhow, remember taking English class? And getting back papers with red marks all over them?

If I recall, much of school was like this.

My friend is a teacher. As is my aunt. As were both my grandmothers. But I digress….

I’ve been over to my teacher friend’s house numerous times and have sat in awe and watched him grade papers for hours and hours and hours.

He just sits there, on his sofa, every night after school, and spends HOURS grading papers.

If you have a friend that teaches, I implore you to go over to their house one night after school and watch them sit and grade papers.


Because it will teach you this: to learn and most importantly, to IMPROVE at anything, whether it’s English or Math or Social Studies or Science or SONGWRITING, it takes a LOT of mistakes. Doing things the wrong way and trying something new. And having someone correct your mistakes and show you how to make things BETTER!

I consider myself a good writer. I mean, good enough that one of my articles is going to be published in an upcoming issue of Music Connection.

Yet, if I think back, I probably wrote from 3rd grade all the way through high school and four years of college and had millions (ok, hundreds) of pieces of writing critiqued and graded and redlined and I probably got a lot of bad grades before I got better.

Sitting there watching my math teacher friend grade papers with his red pen reminds me of how important it is to keep working on IMPROVING anything you write. Sure, he teaches math but the same is true of English and writing and even if you’re writing songs, you should CONSTANTLY be working to IMPROVE those songs. Write better lyrics. Run them by other artists you know and like and TRUST for CONSTRUCTIVE feedback.

We can and never should stop IMPROVING our work.


I know I wouldn’t be half the writer I am today if I hadn’t gotten all that constructive feedback about my writing.

What about you?

Jennifer Yeko
True Talent Management ~ True Talent PR

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  1. Hi Jennifer, i like this article. it makes a lot of sense and i think it eases a lot of worry about unknown artists wanting to attract a “famous” manager. –Sirsa

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