10 amazing tips from a successful artist

September 21, 2011

1. From a creative point of view, try to learn how to curb your emotion and create what works for people.

2. Follow your hunch but don’t be over inspired by something that might only be personal.

3. Write and produce what’s in demand. That in itself is an art form.

4. Business is simple – give people what they want and not what you think they need. That’s how money is made.

5. Don’t be offended by the word “no”.

6. Don’t be offended if you’re ignored. Your track probably did get listened to.

7. Nobody owes you a living.

8. If you’re an unknown writer or artist and you want to get your music listened to by the people that count, you’ll sometimes have to pay out of your own pocket to get this done because it takes time and patience to get material listened to. There are no guarantees that come with that. Why should there be? Those people have acquired their contacts and knowledge through years of dedication to their own craft and their reputation is important in sustaining those relationships for your benefit as well as their own.

It took me years to understand and appreciate that, don’t let it take that long for you.

9. Songwriting is a numbers game. If you’re good, you’ll keep popping them out. You’ll improve the overall quality of your work and your knowledge of the bigger picture will expand and then all will become clear.

10. Don’t be precious. Be helpful, but stick to your guns.



Jennifer Yeko
True Talent Management

http://www.truetalentmgmt.wordpress.com – Read my music blog for advice on making it in the music business


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