It doesn’t matter how talented you are….

August 3, 2011

It’s doesn’t matter how talented you are.

I know that may come as a shock to a lot of you.

But it’s true.


Because success in life, especially in the entertainment business, isn’t about talent.

It’s about drive.

Hard work.



And sure, you can “make” your own luck by working your ass off.

But the reality is, how talented you are in terms of singing and writing songs is probably only 10%, maybe 20% of it.

If you think about it, you know I’m right.

People complain all the time that the songs they hear on the radio “aren’t that good.”

Just proves my point.

Yet, the reason why most of those artists have songs on the radio and you don’t is because they’ve worked their asses off.

Now I know someone is going to point out some example that is an exception to the rule.

But the reality is, you and I both know lots, maybe dozens, of incredibly “talented” artists out there who never made it.

And many of them maybe even got signed to a record deal at one point.

Most of them did not.

But what matters isn’t how talented you are…

It’s how hard you work.

Sure, Katy Perry is a massive, massive star right now. She made what, $45 million dollars last year?

But she too tried and failed at several labels before getting signed to Capitol. And released records on her own with the help of her father’s backing before she even got signed to that first deal. And she still toured her ass off on Warped Tour when her first album was breaking.

So she may be rich and famous now…but she paid her dues and played at Hotel Cafe just like hundreds and hundreds of other artists on the Los Angeles music scene.

So, you want to be successful and “make it” in the entertainment business?

Forget talent.

If it you have it, that’s great.

But it’s all about HARD WORK!


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