A MUST READ article – “A lot of people over promise and under deliver”

May 14, 2010

I received this email from a fellow artist on this email list saying they had tried to do deals with a few people to pitch their music for film and TV but:

“A lot of people over promise and under deliver.”

Ugh, yes, it’s a REALLY important lesson for you as an artist (and person) to learn.

In this business, people will lie, lie, lie.

I think it’s human nature that we tend to believe what people tell us.

As in “Sign with me, I’ll make you a star.”

or “Fire that manager you have, I’ll make you a star”

or “I can get you x, y, and z in terms of music placements, just sign with me!”


The reality is, sadly, a lot of these people cannot deliver what they promise.

But, you’ll sign with them because human nature is to believe what someone tells you.

If I tell you my name is Jennifer, you’ll believe me, right?

If I tell you my favorite color is purple, you’ll believe me, right?

If I tell you I love your music, you’ll believe me, right?

If I tell you that if you sign with me or hire me, I’ll get you on the radio or in a ton of movies or TV shows, you’ll believe me right?

Of course, my name really is Jennifer.

My favorite color really is purple.

I may really love your music. In fact, if I don’t, I’m very likely to be a bit too brutally honest and tell you it’s “pitchy” and that I CAN’T rep it.

But most people won’t be this honest.

They’ll just take your cash and run.

If I tell you that I think you stand a good chance at radio or film/tv, I mean it.

However, unfortunately, many in this business are not so honest.

So all I can say is – don’t trust when people promise you the world.

Because as in life, it’s close if not impossible to guarantee any type of succcess in this business.

Everyone in the business seems to “puff” up the truth and sometimes they are just bragging and sometimes they are out and out lying to get you to sign with them when what you should REALLY be doing is running far, far, far away in the opposite direction.

I even asked the President of a major label why he makes promises to artists that he can’t keep.

His answer was that this is SUCH a difficult and competitive business, even artists signed to big labels need encouragement and to be given hope.

That’s fine. Just realize the next time someone says “I’ll make you a star” or “I’ll get you everywhere on the radio, film/tv, etc” they are likely blowing smoke up your ass and really just want to seal the deal.

Be careful.

Be a little mistrustful of others.

Always ask yourself, “Does this person have some reason to be lying to me, overpromising or puffing up the truth to get something they want from me? i.e. for me to sign with them as a label, manager, publisher, film/tv rep etc.”

Question what people tell you.

I hate to say it but I generally don’t trust a lot of people I meet in business until I get to know them and see (NOT HEAR) some evidence that they really are on the up and up and genuine.

But don’t be paranoid. There are also loads and loads of great, amazing people out there who really DO love you and your music and want nothing but to help.

Just take the time to learn which is which.

ALWAYS trust your gut.

If your instincts are telling you no, listen!!!

You’ll be glad you did.

Jennifer Yeko
True Talent Management
9663 Santa Monica Blvd. # 320
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

~Music Marketing~Music Licensing~Music Publicity

“Do, or do not. There is no try.”
— Jedi Master Yoda


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