Rejection – remember, don’t take it personally! It’s just tough out there! If you believe in it, keep going!

February 24, 2010

What if you pitch a song and you don’t get it placed?

What if you pitch 10 songs, 50 songs, 100 songs, or 500 songs and still – nothing?

What if you do anything and don’t get anywhere – or worse yet get a “no” – or multiple no’s??

Well read this email a friend of mine wrote.


Remember, selling a book is like selling a house these days.

It’s not personal or necessarily a critique of your/his efforts despite some of my suggestions above.

It’s also just tough out there and what used to be an easy sale in the past can be so very ridiculously obstacle-laden for even the most promising projects.

If you believe in it, keep going!

Good luck,



A friend of mine wrote this to a writer who was trying to get his book published (she was a prominent book editor) but I thought it was a very important email to share with all of you as well.

Whether it’s in finding a home for one of your songs on a film or TV show, or submitting your CD to a radio station, magazine, A&R rep, etc. or pretty much anything in life….

You will get rejected.

And you will get rejected often.

It’s just part of the business.

It’s just part of life.

Remember – don’t take rejection personally.

In fact, it’s not “rejection” – it’s just not a yes….yet!

Learn not to get upset, take a step back and breath and remember the person “rejecting” you is just doing their job.

For example, someone, like me, may LOVE you music or really like a song you submit – but if it doesn’t meet the description of exactly what’s needed for a film or TV project, I can’t pitch it. Why? Because it’s not about LIKING something. It’s about someone asking you for an apple and giving them an apple.

If they ask for a nice green, round, large, granny smith apple, that is EXACTLY what they want and need for their project.

So if you send them a golden delicious or a macintosh or an orange, or a wheelbarrow or a puppy or a new car, it doesn’t matter. Because that’s not what they need and not what they asked for.

Because if they are making a pie, they need that exact apple – pies made with wheelbarrows or puppies or new cars simply don’t work and other types of apple pie might be DELICIOUS but it’s not what they want or need.

Get it?

The climate for book publishing, the music business, the record business, the TV business, the music publishing business, the movie business, they are all rapidly changing and as such the amount of “rejection” the number of “no’s” and general dischord you’re going to feel is going to be high.

Just remember.

The successful artists and songwriters (and successful people in life) don’t take rejection personally.

In fact, they don’t see it as rejection at all.

They look at every “no” as a good thing – as a challenge.

They’ll get the next one!

And with a positive attitude, they probably will!

Jennifer Yeko
True Talent Management

http://www.truetalentmgmt.wordpress.com – Read my music blog for advice on making it in the music business


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