Oprah + treating everyone with respect

April 29, 2009

I think this is from perezhilton or something like that from a while back but I found the article inspiring and wanted to share it with all of you!

I’m always amazed at how many artists – and their parents or managers or people representing them — can be so unprofessional – and I love that Oprah is a billionaire and has this belief about treating everyone with kindness and respect.

I always return all my phone calls and emails (well, emails may take a while but I do get to them eventually – right Travis?) and while I may be brief on the phone or in email, I believe it’s important to call back every artist that calls me because most people don’t return calls and that is disrespectful.

That being said, if someone calls me 3 times in one week, that borders on too much so be aware there is a fine line between being persistent and being annoying.

Always remember to treat others as you’d like to be treated yourself. I think that’s a lesson I learned in kindergarten that still holds true in adulthood and yes, even in the music business.


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“I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”
–Michael Jordan

“It takes years of hard work to become an overnight success…..”
“Anything worthwhile in life requires time, patience, and persistence.”
–Cheryl Richardson


Words of Wisdom From Oprah

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Aspiring media moguls take note!

Oprah Winfrey recently opened up to talk about the lessons she’s learned during her many years in the biz.

She’s built a $2.5 BILLION empire. To us, she’s definitely worth hearing out.

O is guided by instinct. She says none of her business ventures have come out of forethought, “I haven’t planned one thing — ever. I have just been led by a strong instinct, and I have made choices based on what was right for me at the time.”

She also doesn’t judge a business venture by its profitability. “I don’t care about money. It throws people off all the time in business meetings. They start shuffling papers.”

Well, after you have a couple billion in the bank, it’s easy not to care about money – you never need any more!

Despite her surely crazy schedule, for the most part, Oprah keeps all her scheduled meetings! Oprah revealed during the interview that she remembers canceling only three meetings due to dire situations. Miz Winfrey explains, “The greatest fear for me of ever canceling is that you’re going to disappoint somebody.”

Most importantly, Oprah believes in treating her staff well. At Harpo Inc. in Chicago, employees are treated fabulous office amenities. There’s a cafe on premises as well as Club Harpo, a workout facility, AND the Spa at Harpo. Winfrey seems to be as cool off camera as she is on. The Opes says, “I don’t yell at people, I don’t mistreat people. I don’t talk down to people, so no one else in this building, in this vicinity, has the right to do it.”

We wanna work for with Oprah!!!!!!!


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