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Thinking outside the box

June 19, 2008;_ylt=AmDko6rYmcpSJbGftyRi31ms0NUE

Now that’s one example of thinking outside the box!

The old ways of doing things in the music business have been thrown out the window.

Sure, major labels are still around.

And despite all the media attention about falling CD sales, I know A&R guys who are still flying around the country, following bands they want to sign.

It can be done.

It’s just more competitive now than ever!

I recently spoke to a friend of mine who is managing a band. Her artist got a major placement. They don’t care about getting signed to a label. Why? Because all the money is theirs to keep. They can make the music they want. They can keep licensing it and keep all the money! So why would they want to be signed to a major label?

The rules have changed.

Think “outside the box”.

Think of new ways to promote and market your music.

Think of new venues to play!

If artists are now performing at airports – think of where else you can go!

I read about one artist that was so hungry. They performed in front of a local grocery store. They handed CDs to housewives going in and sold them that way – “Oh wait, it’s $5” or $10 or whatever. “Please help me by supporting me!”

That is the type of artist I would sign!

In fact, I was walking down Hollywood Blvd. a few months ago when an aspiring hip hop artist put a CD in my hand. As I kept on walking, he followed me “saying $5, $5, $5!” and tried to sell me that way. Sure, 9 out of 10 people may say no. But one might say yes. Sadly, he should have let me keep that CD for free but he had no idea I actually work in the music business. So, I gave back the CD and kept on going. But I had to admire how aggressive he was in getting his music LITERALLY INTO PEOPLE’S HANDS!

That’s the type of artist that I should have signed on the spot…

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“Motivation and determination are 1000 times more potent than talent alone”
-Some guy online
“Be nice to everyone. You never know if the intern will be the next president of your record company.”
-Michael Buble
“People have to learn they have to juggle everything until they get lucky. They need to work a steady job, make a living and make time for the band. They need to take all the money they make from the band and throw it back into the band”
–David Draiman, Vocalist for Disturbed, interviewed in Music Connection