The power of an artist’s charm and personality i.e. American Idol’s Brooke White

May 7, 2008

I should have written this email weeks ago, before Carly Smithson and Brooke White both got kicked off.

But I wanted to write this time about charm and why it’s so important to an artist’s success.

Sure, Carly Smithson http://www.americanidol.com/contestants/season7/carly_smithson/ had a powerhouse voice.

But, for some reason, to me, she just didn’t come across well on TV. She didn’t come across poorly but there was nothing about her that was fun or unique or interesting that would inspire anyone to become a fan of hers, outside of her obvious talent in her voice. It’s no wonder MCA Records poured over $ 2 million dollars into her recording career years ago and the album sold less than 400 copies in its first 3 months of release:


And when Carly got kicked off she had this to say http://www.realitytvworld.com/news/carly-smithson-dishes-on-american-idol-prior-professional-experience-6999.php – she sounds like a sore loser to me! Another reason I’m glad she didn’t win….

Then we have Brooke White – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brooke_White

Sure, she’s pretty and she has a nice voice. She has a whole Carly Simon / Tori Amos / hippie vibe thing going. But really, each week I see her, I’m just so impressed with how charming she is on TV.

Will she make it to the end?

I don’t know.

She’s got some tough competition.

But I do think if you can be that charming up on stage and when you meet your fans – that will really take you a long way! I have no doubt that her charm and personality kept her on the show this long. And that if she ever toured solo, she’d have a huge following compared to Carly…

I don’t know if “charm school” exists but if you can be a genuine person, be honest, be down to earth, and be real – whether you’re on stage or talking to fans (or the sound guy or whoever). Hopefully your charm will come out and that will allow you to connect with your audience and expand your fan base at each subsequent show!

Jennifer Yeko
True Talent Management
9663 Santa Monica Blvd. # 320
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

~Artist Management~Music Licensing~Music Publicity

“Motivation and determination are 1000 times more potent than talent alone”
-Some guy online
“Be nice to everyone. You never know if the intern will be the next president of your record company.”
-Michael Buble
“People have to learn they have to juggle everything until they get lucky. They need to work a steady job, make a living and make time for the band. They need to take all the money they make from the band and throw it back into the band”
–David Draiman, Vocalist for Disturbed, interviewed in Music Connection


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