Why you should care about licensing your songs to film/tv

March 31, 2008

Date: March 28, 2008 4:07:19 AM EDT
Subject: Why you should care about licensing your songs to film/tv

Artists ask me all the time “Why should I care about what you do?  About licensing my songs?  And all the music request emails you send out?”  Well, here’s your answer!

Why is music licensing vital to an artist?

Had you heard of the Moldy Peaches before the movie Juno?

Did you know the Shins big break wasn’t on stage?  It was in the movie Garden State!

Here’s what True Talent Management and groups like that know music licensing can provide an artist’s career:






Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve heard the talk about the death of the music industry.  It’s not dying, it’s transforming.  And artists must transform their business tactics, or well . . . their art will die.  You can make substantial money from licensing your songs.  And all without even hitting the road and paying $ 4 for a gallon of gas.

Television is the new radio.  Believe it.  Your song played in a television show has the potential to reach millions of viewers at a time.  Remember television episodes are advertised constantly.  Movie studios spend millions marketing movies.  What other type of advertising pays you and broadens your brand at the same time?

Sure, concert sales are down.  Album sales are down.  But relying on just that is the old marketing model.  Today the equation can be this simple: a hot song + a hot show = buzz.  Buzz = web hits, MP3 downloads, and even album sales.  Yes, album sales!  You can still sell them, but today you need these new avenues for getting potential fans to your music.  And get enough exposure through film and TV and record companies will soon be knocking at YOUR door!

Airplay used to mean getting in a radio station’s rotation.  Today’s airplay includes commercials, soundtracks, video games, and movie trailers.  Ask Fall Out Boy and Good Charlotte if licensing in video games works.  They’ve been laughing all the way to the bank while you’ve been bugging (or bribing) the DJ to play your song.

Be the headliner, the closing act that advertisers depend on.  You want listeners humming your tune even if they never see the movie.  But you’ll be bank if they want to see the movie because they heard your song.  Then advertisers will be coming to you to see what you’re recording next.  Sweet.

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“Motivation and determination are 1000 times more potent than talent alone”
-Some guy online
“Be nice to everyone.  You never know if the intern will be the next president of your record company.”
-Michael Buble
“People have to learn they have to juggle everything until they get lucky. They need to work a steady job, make a living and make time for the band. They need to take all the money they make from the band and throw it back into the band”
–David Draiman, Vocalist for Disturbed, interviewed in Music Connection


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