A major label record producer’s biggest pet peeve

March 3, 2008

Date: March 3, 2008 4:09:12 PM EST
Subject: A major label record producer’s biggest pet peeve

I hear this complaint all the time from producers that produce major label acts.

They complain:

Artists can’t sing.

They need to use auto-tune.

This begs the question – then how do these artists become popular?

Drive.  Determination.  Hard work.

It’s almost like talent is irrelevant for many major label acts (not all, but quite a few).

And like it or not, that formula has worked for major labels for quite some time now.

Will the tide shift?

I think so.  But it won’t come from the majors.

Indie labels are developing some of the best talent out there right now.  They may be smaller but they have a longer term view than looking to sign a one hit wonder.

So, if you sing well, if you make great music, and write great songs, maybe a major label isn’t for you.  Maybe you should find yourself a good indie label — or better yet, start one yourself!

Will the tide shift for the major labels?  Will they start signing more true “artists”?

Maybe….but I kinda doubt it.

Myspace has created legions of average and mediocre artists.  I see no one breaking out of the mold.  I haven’t heard the next “Nirvana” on myspace.

So, if you truly want to get signed to a “major” label, make sure you work your ass off.  Because, quite frankly, that is far more important than whether or not you can sing.  The label will put you with “hit” songwriters and producers.  But, if you want a major label deal, you better be young and make radio friendly pop music – or something equally catchy that can get on the radio.

Drive?  No one can force you to work harder.  Maybe someone can give you a swift kick….but you have to find that drive from within yourself if you want to make it big!

Jennifer Yeko
True Talent Management
9663 Santa Monica Blvd. # 320
Beverly Hills, CA  90210

~Artist Management~Music Publicity~Marketing

“Motivation and determination are 1000 times more potent than talent alone”
-Some guy online
“Be nice to everyone.  You never know if the intern will be the next president of your record company.”
-Michael Buble
“People have to learn they have to juggle everything until they get lucky. They need to work a steady job, make a living and make time for the band. They need to take all the money they make from the band and throw it back into the band”
–David Draiman, Vocalist for Disturbed, interviewed in Music Connection


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